Wednesday, January 11, 2012

50% Rewrites!

Great new!  I've reached the 50% mark on my rewrites for the Book of Iden: The Traveler.  I'm actually a little bit ahead of schedule.  I'm looking to be at least to 75% by St. Valentines day.  My original goal was to finish the rewrites by my birthday on March 21st, but it looks as though I might be able to finish earlier in March.  I will keep everyone posted.

Now, as far as this blog goes, I am going to make some changes.  I put all my stories up for sale on, but realized that I should still keep some here at length.  What I am going to do is reedit a few stories so that the full length is on the site here and just take out a couple of the others.  I know this might be kind of pesky to some of you, but I'm trying everything I can to get my stories out there.  Thanks for bearing with me while I work on polishing my book and I hope you all are well.

-Brendan Lyons